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woman in white dress and boob tape

Jade Marie - @jadee__marie

Wearing @boobyfulaid clear tape, makes wearing low cut tops super easy and gives the best support for my girls. It lasts up to 8 hours and I can't even feel it

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Kathryn Tan - @kathryynn

So excited for the launch of @boobyfulaid !  I’m someone who has never really used boob tape or nipple covers before, but after trying out the nude tape i can definitely say i’ll be using this heaps for night outs and events!


Shanise Jones - @shanisejones

This booby tape is a favourite for me because it’s light weight, breathable and last up to 8 hours ! These nipple covers are perfect for pulling of that no bra look! and it’s a must have with the adorable packaging that doubles as a tape dispenser !

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