Boobyful Aid gets featured on PopSugar

Boobyful Aid gets featured on PopSugar

TikTok has allowed us to reach customers worldwide from Finland to Singapore and many other countries we never thought was possible. 

We started posting on TikTok at the end of 2020 and ramped up our video content during the peak of lockdown. With most of the world being stuck at home, people found joy and entertainment through watching how people spent their days at home whether it be cleaning videos, cooking videos or tutorial videos.

Being stuck at home allowed us to record content that educated our audience on the use of boob tape. The most common questions were 'how to apply boob tape', 'how to remove boob tape painlessly' and 'is boob tape waterproof?'. We encouraged our audience to send images of their outfits so we can create tutorials and received hundreds of requests on Instagram. 

Most recently, a simple tutorial for big bust girls received over 11 million views over the span of 2 weeks and we couldn't be more ecstatic with the success of the video.

Read the article here to find out more about how it all started:

Boobyful Aid xx

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