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Boobyful Aid

Double Sided Fashion Tape

Double Sided Fashion Tape

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What if there was a companion that could save you from all your wardrobe malfunctions? The good news is that there is such a thing – the Double Sided Fashion Tape from Boobyful Aid.


The BoobyfulAid fashion tape can be your saviour in those dire situations when your outfit just doesn't remain in place. Made from hypoallergenic fabric and medical-grade adhesive, this double-sided tape can help you fix loose dresses, smoothen your shirt lapel and hold up plunge tops. 

The great thing about the Boobyful Double-Sided Fashion Tape is that it is precut into 50 pieces. Just put it in your purse, and use it as your tailor-on-the-go whenever the need arises.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Double sided tape

Works perfectly. Easy to remove. No adhesive traces on garment after use.

Jenna Ryu
Love it!

Super comfortable and helps my small chest

Vanessa Lam

I've tried many different double sided fashion tapes but none of them compares to the stickiness of this! Held my top down all night, total lifesaver as I was wearing a deep plunge long sleeve. Will be making another order once I finish my pack.

Xyla Reece
Great quality

Great quality, used this to stick down a really expensive silk dress and when I took off the double sided tape at the end of the night there weren't any imprints or marks on the dress or my skin. It was totally invisible! 10/10.

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