Does double sided fashion tape work?

Does double sided fashion tape work?

You’ve probably seen the videos of people using double sided fashion tape to hold their plunge tops down that would make even Kim Kardashian jealous, but is it really a feasible option? 

The most obvious benefit of this adhesive is that it allows you to wear anything you want without fear of spilling out or falling out. 

If you're wearing a dress that's just too loose, double-sided fashion tape can be your best friend. It will keep your clothes from falling off in the middle of a party. It can also be used to fix shirts that are a little too big for you.

If your plunging neckline is looking less than plunging, simply stick down some of this tape around the area where it meets your skin—you'll look like an expert at pulling off daring fashions. There is no risk that your skin will get stuck together when removing them later on down the road.

Double sided fashion tape can be a lifesaver. Not only does it provide a strong hold, but it also stays put. The hypoallergenic and medical grade adhesive is gentle on skin and holds up under more wear than other tapes without pulling away from the fabric. All you need to do is peel off the backing and stick it onto your skin, pressing your garment on top for an easy application process that won’t take too long.

So is double sided fashion tape worth it? I think so. It’s a great thing to have on hand, whether you’re trying out a new style or fixing something that has gone wrong with your outfit. The only other option would be stitching the garment up—and that doesn’t always work. So if you want to avoid sewing altogether, go ahead and buy some double sided fashion tape today!

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