Why Us?

Why Us?

With such a diverse market why choose us? 

Our brand is all about self love and self confidence, why? Because with social media playing a major role in our lives these days it’s hard to keep up with the trends and looking perfect whilst worrying about what others think or would think of you. 

Growing up as millennials we understand the pressure and struggles around it where it affects our self esteem.  With Julie being a B cup and myself as a D cup we both felt insecure in tops and dresses where it wouldn’t look nice because of our bust size or body shape.

Women with a bigger bust know the struggle of wearing low cut tops and dresses with your boobs looking saggy with no bra to accomodate or smaller busted women who can’t have that perfect cleavage.

From that constant problem we found a solution which was Boob Tape and from day one we have continuously received feedback and messages from our customers sharing how they finally feel good about themselves wearing low cut tops and dresses because of it!

With our mission to create products that will uplift women’s confidence and promote self love at every stage of their lives it is exciting for me to say this is only the beginning.

Boobyful Aid x

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