Why Boobyful Aid Boob Tape?

Why Boobyful Aid Boob Tape?

If you ever find any low cut, backless or strapless outfits and a bra isn’t accommodating because it ends up
  • Being visible
  • Slipping (strapless)
  • Uncomfortable 
then Boob Tape is your solution !

1. Available in 3 colours - Clear, Nude and Black
 All 3 colours are perfect for a diverse range of clothing, black boob tape under black clothing will act as a great camouflage and people won’t even notice. Nude and clear boob tape can literally be worn under any colour and is perfect for wearing white.⁣

2. Hypoallergenic⁣
Kind to the skin and unlikely to cause an allergic reaction⁣

3. Long Lasting
Lasts up to 8 hours and will keep your boobs secure when dancing all night long!⁣

4. Waterproof ⁣
Is sweat proof and can be worn under swimwear ⁣

5. Painless to remove⁣
When removed properly by holding down your skin and pulling the tape gently off, apply baby oil or coconut oil for a more seamless removal⁣

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Boobyful Aid x
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