Tips on how to wear boob tape with tricky tops

Tips on how to wear boob tape with tricky tops

We've all been there... we find a nice, cute top but can't seem to figure how to wear it without a bra, strapless bra, stick on bra or chicken fillets. Well, that's where boob tape comes in ladies. 

Boob tape is the perfect alternative for those tricky, cute tops you're dying to wear out. Achieve that perky look with the support of boob tape. 

Top # 1 - Black boob tape

Wrap tops are the ultimate wardrobe saver for every girl. The amount of styles you can switch it up is incredible. Want a strappy look? Check! Want a halter neck top? You got it. It depends on which style you're after but I went with wearing the boob tape on an angle and lifting my boobs up so it has that nice under boob look. 

boobyful aid black boob tape worn with twisted top

Top # 2 - Nude boob tape 

Colourful tops are in and we are all over it! We managed to grab this gorgeous halter neck top from Princess Polly. Normally strapless bras work with these tops but not this one... it's also backless. Apply the boob tape underneath your boobs and over your shoulders at a slight angle so it stays hidden behind the top. Repeat on the other boob and ta-da! Hello perky breasts. 

boobyful aid nude boob tape worn with trendy rainbow halter neck top

Top # 3 - Clear boob tape 

Hear us out.. how can you say no to this white strappy bodysuit?! It might look difficult to style this top but our seamless, clear boob tape is the perfect breastie to hold your boobs up all day or night. Dress it up with a pair of jeans, with a leather jacket and boots or style it with a denim skirt for that beach vibe. Either way, clear boob tape will have your girlies looking nice and perky. 

boobyful aid clear boob tape worn with twisted cut out white top

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Boobyful Aid xx

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