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Tips on how to remove boob tape

We know most of you ladies have no issues removing boob tape after a long day/night out but for those who are skeptical on the pain you might experience, fear not! We'll provide enough tips to change your mind.

Tip # 1 - Do not wear the boob tape for longer than 8 hours 

We recommend not leaving the boob tape on for longer than 8 hours as it might stick to your skin really well (it is tape after all). Although, if you do leave the boob tape on for longer than 8 hours, apply coconut oil for ease of removal. 

Tip # 2 - Remove boob tape slowly 

Now we understand coming home after a night full of drinking will make you girlies pull this tape off like a leech but please make sure to hold your skin down and pull off the boob tape slowly. 

Tip # 3 - Apply coconut oil 

Attention sensitive skin girls! This tip is a simple one to follow, grab any coconut oil and pump a few drops on the tape and massage it in till it's semi soaked then slowly pull off the boob tape. 

Tip # 4 -  Shower with your boob tape on

Taking a hot shower will help loosen the tape and make it easier to peel off. 


Boobyful Aid xx 

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