How to use boob tape in a strapless dress

How to use boob tape in a strapless dress

Hands up if you have ever slipped into a strapless dress with a strapless bra thinking it will hold your breasts up the whole night but it does the exact opposite?

Strapless dresses are gorgeous pieces to add to your wardrobe. In saying so, strapless bras is not the ideal bra when wanting to dance and jump all night long. 

Boob tape is here to lift your breasts and hold it in place whilst you dance the night away.

Step by step instructions on how to wear a strapless bra using boob tape:

  1. If you have sensitive skin, pre-test it on your skin to check if any reactions arise before continuing.
  2. Depending on your breast size, cut a few strips of tape and put it aside. Ensure the tape is long enough so it doesn't pull onto your skin.
  3. Using the criss cross method, stick the boob tape on one side of your breast, pulling diagonally across to the other side of your breast.
  4. Once complete, repeat on your other breast. 
  5. Use at least 2-3 strips of tape on each side, adjusting your breast to your liking. 
  6. Put on your dress and cut off any excess tape to have a seamless look. 

Boobyful Aid xx 

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