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How to use boob tape in a low cut top

If you are a fan of low cut tops but have no clue on how to rock it without a bra, boob tape has you covered. 

Start off with wearing the top to have a clear idea on choosing which style to tape your breast. Small busted girls can easily use the criss-cross method whereby you stick the tape on the side of your breasts, pulling across to the opposite breast. Repeat this step on your other breast to create a cross shape. Use four strips of boob tape to achieve a perkier look and cut off any excess tape so it cannot be seen. View TikTok video here for the full tutorial. 

The 'over the shoulder' style works best for big busted girls in low cut tops. Start off with cutting the breast tape into six strips. Stick the boob tape underneath your breast and pull upwards, towards your shoulder. Firmly press down the tape and repeat the same step three times on the same breast using three boob tape strips. Repeat this step on your other breast until they are both sitting nicely and you can pull off the top without having to worry about having saggy breasts. View TikTok video here for the full tutorial. 

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