How to remove boob tape

How to remove boob tape with coconut oil

If you are new to boob tape, you are probably questioning how do I painlessly remove boob tape? This is the number one question that arises and we are here to confirm that it is completely pain free when you follow the below instructions and tips.

How to remove boob tape:

  1. Soak the boob tape with coconut oil and wait a few minutes for it to absorb. 
  2. After a few minutes, hold down your skin whilst slowly pulling off the tape with your other hand.
  3. Continue pulling slowly until the boob tape is completely off.
  4. Remove the remaining strips of tape. 


  • If you have sensitive skin, pre test a strip of tape on your skin to ensure your skin doesn't have a bad reaction.
  • Do not wear boob tape for longer than 8 hours.
  • Pull the breast lifting tape off slowly, DO NOT use the bandaid method as that can cause pain and irritation.

 Boobyful Aid xx

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