Boobyful Aid boob tape

Boobyful Aid boob tape

Boob tape is great for special occasions, like weddings or when you want to wear a strapless dress but also want to keep your breasts looking perky and in place. There are countless of styles you can use to achieve perkier breasts using boob tape. You can use boob tape to perk up your cleavage area by taping together the bottoms of your breast to make them appear higher, or you can tape the sides of your breasts together underneath your armpits.

But boob tape can also be used as an everyday staple, especially if you're active (like me). I use it when running on the treadmill, doing yoga class and at the gym. The best part? No one knows that your bra isn't actually holding up your chest!

If you're planning on taping your breasts up for a night out, here's what we recommend:

  • Apply the boob tape at least half an hour before heading it so you have enough time to adjust your breast to your perkiness preference

  • Peel the backing of the boob tape a little bit at a time, whilst applying the boob tape onto your skin and smooth it down with your fingers to avoid any bumps

  • Practice makes perfect. Learn to apply the tape by watching our How to videos or heading over to our TikTok page where we post video tutorials you can follow

Boob tape is a great way to make your breasts look perky and keep them supported. If you're planning on going out dancing with your girlfriends at the club, boob tape is definitely worth the investment! There's nothing quite like going out and dancing at a club with your girlfriends when you have some really great cleavage because of your boob tape.

Boob Tape has been a game changer for many women who struggle with backless dresses or strapless tops. Boob tape is easy to use and style, and it can be used by anyone looking for an extra boost in cleavage! Meet your newest breast friend today by purchasing a bundle here.

Boobyful Aid xx

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