4 ways to achieve perkier breasts

4 ways to achieve perkier breasts

Whether you're a small bust gal or a bigger bust gal, our boob tape are designed to lift boobs of all sizes. 

As shown on our packaging, there are 4 popular styles we recommend applying your boob tape. But that's not to say you are limited in the way you tape your boobs.

Style 1 

This style works well with strapless and casual tops if you're wanting that no bra feel. Breast tape is the perfect replacement to your everyday bra. Remove the backing of the tape and stick the tape underneath your breast, pulling it just above your breast. Repeat on your other boob. 

nude boob tape and nipple covers

Style 2

The ultimate favourite for smaller bust girls! Start off by placing the breast tape below your boobs, adjusting your breasts to your desired look and pull the tape over your shoulders. Repeat on the other side and voila! This style is commonly used for low cut, plunge tops and dresses. 

nude boob tape used over shoulder for lift

Style 3

Say goodbye to saggy boobs, this technique is a game changer for bigger bust girls. Cut smaller sized tapes, sticking the breast tape underneath your armpit, lifting your boob to your desired look and pulling it past your breast. Repeat on the other boob. 

nude boob tape used sideways for lift

Style 4

This is possibly the easiest way to tape your breasts. Say hello to your new cleavage with this bad boy accentuating your existing figure and giving it that extra oomf. Perfect for everyday tops and tight fitting dresses. 

nude boob tape used in criss cross way

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